AARP May Help Older Citizens Avoid Poverty

Some seniors citizens are at war with the poverty line and AARP is committed to help them fight against it.

Employers have learned that ridding their businesses of employees prior to the age of retirement can save them money by not having to pay retirement pensions and salaries that have escalated with the accumulation of years. The loss of a job a few years prior to the age of retirement can result in permanent unemployment. In some cases, when one's finances are in order, this can actually be a good thing. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many older adults and has caused some senior citizens to fall below the poverty line.

The contingency of life tends to become more calamitous as the generations progress. An incline in age correlates with a decline in health, causing medical bills to rapidly absorb senior's life savings and investments.

The battle between senior citizens and the poverty line is tumultuous, often times leading to anxiety or depression, which can dramatically exacerbate the condition of one's health. The economical impact of senior citizens in poverty goes far beyond the elder community. Studies have shown this increases expenses for society as a whole, especially in regard to medical expenses.

AARP has established a foundation to help fight against the poverty line through preplanning and preparation. This foundation works with unemployed and low income older adults to help them reach a point of financial stability that will sustain them throughout their senior years.

What seniors and older adults appreciate most about this foundation is the fact that AARP helps them to accomplish their own personal objective. For example, unemployed individuals who wish to continue working can work with AARP's foundation to develop the skills needed to become a prime candidate for positions that are in high demand, while low income individuals, not seeking employment, can be taught better ways to strengthen their savings.

AARP's foundation is also a huge advocate of healthy eating, believing that a healthy diet is important in maintaining one's overall health. They help older adults develop healthy eating habits by educating them on the effect certain foods and chemicals have on the body. The foundation even helps them to develop healthier eating habits on a low income basis and will assist them in making decisions through their purchases.

Educating older adults on the effects that certain foods and chemicals have on their body is a strong opposition to the poverty line. Given that medical bills tend to deplete one's finances, learning ways to nurture the body and preserve one's health can help older adults avoid the need for medical assistance.

Enlightenment of the battle senior citizens face against the poverty line gives older adults the opportunity to fight back. Through preplanning and preparation AARP's foundation has allowed many seniors to stay above the poverty line.

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