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Gov. Rick Perry’s anti-Medicare stance gains support

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2013 | Uncategorized

According to a statement released by a spokeswoman of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, the organization supports a recent decision by Texas Governor Rick Perry in which he reaffirmed his commitment not to expand Medicare in the state. The organization’s belief is that Medicaid provides poor health care to enrollees in Texas. It also asserts that spending for the program continually increases in the state budget although its results do not improve.

The spokeswoman, the executive director and director for the organization’s Center for Health Care Policy, formerly served in the Texas House of Representatives and dealt with health care issues while in office. The organization itself is a non-profit organization that claims to have researched evidence proving that there are better solutions to the state’s health care issues than the Medicaid program. Whether this research will affect upcoming legislative changes concerning Texas Medicaid eligibility and planning remains to be seen.

Many senior citizens in Texas and other states have health issues that necessitate specialized or extended care routines. Medicaid programs can be confusing for their recipients, who may be overwhelmed by the wealth of details and options. However, planning for long-term care is a common way for their loved ones to ensure that they receive the attention they need and that their personal assets remain protected.

Legal changes to statewide Medicaid programs may affect many people who use those benefits. This could include Texas residents enrolled in assisted living programs, nursing home residents and seniors with more immediate medical treatment needs. The costs of elder health care can rise rapidly, and the future of the Texas legislature’s stance on Medicaid reform is uncertain, so many senior citizens and their families may seek the assistance of experienced elder law attorneys who might be able to help Texas residents get the most out of their estates.

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