Elder Law Attorneys Helping You Plan For The Future


When a loved one dies, the family will need to distribute the assets of the estate under the watch of the probate court to ensure that all actions are carried out according to the terms set forth in the will. While this is a generally straightforward process, it can be time-consuming and costly. At Wright Abshire, Attorneys, our Houston probate attorneys can help guide you through this process in an efficient and effective manner.

We Can Handle All of Your Estate Administration Needs

Our Bellaire elder law attorneys can help you with all aspects of probate and estate administration. In addition to helping you with the distribution of assets outlined in a will, we can help you in administering any type of trust, including living trusts. You can rely on us to ensure that an estate will pass through probate according to the law and to the final wishes of a loved one.

You Can Avoid Probate With Proper Planning

Generally, most probate matters and will contests can be avoided through proper Life Care Planning. At Wright Abshire, Attorneys, our lawyers will work closely with you to develop a plan for your family’s future. However, sometimes probate is unavoidable, such as when a loved one dies without leaving a will. When this occurs, we will guide families through the process and will work to make the estate administration go as smoothly as possible.

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You should not have to try to administer the proceeds of a loved one’s estate on your own. Contact our Houston probate lawyers online.