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Save My Home! Saving Your Home, Farm, or Ranch from Medicaid Estate Recovery in Texas – eBook Price: $17.95

For insight, advice, and practical strategies for aging parents, adult children, families and everyone else who is affected by Medicaid Estate Recovery. This wonderful resource written by experienced elder attorneys provides new information including:

  • What you can do to protect assets via Medicaid planning
  • The history of the estate recovery program
  • What the federal law requires
  • Which assets are subject to recovery
  • How estate recovery can be waived
  • What other states are doing and how this affects Texas
  • Strategies to try to avoid losses

eBook Price: $17.95

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Texas Elder Law, 2013-2014 ed. (Vol. 51, Texas Practice Series) By Molly Dear Abshire, H. Clyde Farrell, Patricia Flora Sitchler, Wesley E. Wright – Price: $133.50

This book provides an up-to-date, comprehensive resource for Texas elder law practice. Authored by well-known elder law practitioners in Texas, it covers the common issues facing elderly clients, providing explanations of the foundational law and practical guidance and illustrations for addressing those issues, such as Medicaid planning, Social Security and retirement plans, advance directives, Medicare, Medigap insurance, health insurance, long-term care insurance, housing options, and prevention of abuse and neglect.

  • Authored by well-respected experts in the field enabling the reader to rely on this authoritative source with confidence
  • Offers author comments and practice tips that provide further insight into specific issues, giving attorneys an extra edge
  • Provides detailed explanations of Medicaid rules and Medicaid estate recovery rules, providing comprehensive information concerning Medicaid planning issues
  • Provides summary and analysis of relevant statutes, regulations, and cases, providing the reader with a quick reference source

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