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Veterans’ benefits bill fails to advance, Texas senators say no

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2014 | Uncategorized

United States military veterans helped to keep the country protected. When they have done their time in the service, they likely expect that the country will take care of them as they took care of the country. For some veterans, navigating through the processes necessary to get VA benefits is difficult. Recently, two Texas Senators voted against a measure that they said wouldn’t take care of problems with the Veterans Administration and could have made it more difficult for people who were seeking assistance from the agency.

The bill was said to be one that addressed the diverse and urgent needs of veterans, but some said it was too broad. It would have given $12 billion for educational, job-training and medical benefits for veterans.

Senator John Cornyn voted against the bill because he said it would have created difficulties for those seeking assistance from the Veterans Administration. The senator said that the bill would have increased the red tape for veterans to get care. He said he will vote for a bill if it improves service for the country’s veterans.

Senator Ted Cruz also voted against the bill. He said that the bill didn’t deal with current problems and that it might make them even worse. He did note that there were some positive points in the bill.

For many veterans, getting assistance is a complex process that can be met with a lot of resistance. Anyone who has served our country or is entitled to benefits through a veteran might need to seek assistance to navigate through the complex system of requesting benefits.

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