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New emergency assistance program for Texas veterans

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2014 | Uncategorized

It is a really sad day in this country when the men and women who were willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of the country have to rely on emergency assistance just to make sure they have the basic life necessities they fought for others to have. In East Texas, approximately 37 percent of veterans interviewed in a Community Needs Assessment are living below the poverty line. Of the respondents, 71 percent say they are having financial struggles.

The Salvation Army in Tyler is stepping up to help these veterans with basic life needs. The organization has accepted $150,000 worth of grants to help veterans who are struggling with homelessness. This is being done through the Emergency Veterans’ Assistance Program. Veterans who qualify for help under this program can seek utility assistance, deposit assistance, mortgage help and rent help.

The goal of this program is to help these veterans and their family members to get into stable housing that they can support by using their own means. It also provides links for these veterans to obtain benefits or to get help from community resources.

In order to seek assistance from the program, the veteran must make less than the area’s median income. This includes income from all members of the home. They must meet with a case manager and must be at risk of losing housing or be homeless.

For veterans, fighting for the veterans’ benefits due to them is something that is far too commonplace. These veterans might need to learn about the programs offered and learn about their rights to benefits to ensure that they are getting the help that is due to them since they were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to keep this country protected.

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