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Estate planning: End-of-life plans count too!

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2014 | Uncategorized

As we discussed last week, having the proper end-of-life documents is vital to ensure that your wishes are followed in your final days. Not only do these documents give you the peace of mind of knowing your wishes are spelled out, they also serve to let your family members know what you want without them having to second-guess their own decisions. We know that making plans for what you want to happen in your last days isn’t something that you probably want to do. We also know that you understand how important those documents are since they might be the only way you can have your wishes followed.

When it is time to make end-of-life plans through advance directives, we can take you through the decisions you have to make to ensure you cover all the bases. You will outline the medical care you wish to receive, such as whether you want to be placed on life support. You can even tell your loved ones and medical team how long you are willing to be on life support if you say that is allowed.

On top of advance directives, you can also use powers of attorney to ensure your wishes are followed. We can help you get these documents together so you can be sure they are legal and ready to be enforced if and when the time comes.

As hard as it is to think about these things now, that little bit of discomfort can help your family members to rest easy as they make the choices for you regarding your final care.