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Texas offers several veterans’ benefits for qualified people

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2014 | Uncategorized

Keeping our veterans safe should be a priority in this country. Sadly, some of our country’s veterans don’t have life’s basic necessities. For some of them, lack of services leads to this horrible occurrence. For others, simply having to jump through the hoops necessary to get the services they need proves to be too much. Veterans in Texas have some specific types of benefits that could potentially help them to have what they need to live comfortably.

Some veterans who are disabled might qualify for certain tax exemptions. One of these is an exemption from having to pay property taxes. One of the criteria for this is that the disability rating has to be over 10 percent. A disability rating of under 10 percent won’t qualify a veteran for the tax exemption.

Veterans who need to purchase a home can look into three home loan programs. One of these is meant to help veterans who own a home already to get the home fixed up. The other two are meant to help the veteran purchase the home.

If a veteran needs to go to school, the Hazelwood Act might help them to get that education. This act stipulates that certain veterans who entered the military as Texas residents would qualify for a waiver of tuition at public colleges and universities. Along those same lines is the availability of the veteran employment programs that give preferences to certain veterans.

Some veterans might also qualify for a free driver’s license. Others might qualify for burial at one of the veterans’ cemeteries in the state. Some family members might also qualify for burial in these cemeteries.

Working through these programs can be difficult. Seeking the assistance of someone who knows how to cut through the red tape might help veterans get the services they deserve.

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