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On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2015 | Veterans' Benefits

A lot of changes are being made to veterans’ benefits programs because of the same-sex marriage rulings being handed down. It is imperative that all veterans, regardless of sexual orientation or relationship status, understand their rights for receiving the benefits they worked so hard to become eligible for.

We know that veterans sometimes have to go through very lengthy processes to seek compensation. Some veterans apply for benefits only to be denied. When that happens, the veteran can file an appeal of the decision so that it can be reconsidered. When that is necessary, the veteran should work to understand how to present the appeal so that it is a convincing and comprehensive appeal. We can help to get the appeal together, supported and filed.

In some cases, the veteran’s family members suffer because of decisions made about benefits. This may be the case if the veteran is bedbound or has passed away. In those cases, filing the necessary paperwork to seek benefits can be much more than the responsible party can handle. Then, if an appeal is necessary, the difficulty likely increases. We can help the responsible party to learn what options they have for seeking benefits. Once that is determined, we can work with them to help them as they apply for benefits or appeal denials.

No veteran should be left alone to wonder if he or she is filing for benefits properly. These brave men and women were willing to fight to protect our freedoms. We are willing to fight to help them get the benefits they need to live a life they deserve.