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Bikers gather to bring attention to veteran needs

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2015 | Veterans' Benefits

A group of motorcycle enthusiasts recently gathered in Texas to participate in a fundraiser that many hoped would bring awareness and funds to the needs of wounded veteran soldiers. The event was sponsored by the Greater Texoma Association of Realtors. A spokesperson for the GTAR said that veterans are dear to many people, though society often seems to forget them.

One veteran of the Airforce who participated in the ride stated that the country loses veterans to suicide daily. He pointed out that the statistics indicate around 22 veterans commit suicide daily in the country, and he felt like better access to care, benefits and support could help lower that trend.

The ride featured around 30 motorcyclists and raised $1,000 for wounded veterans. While it might seem like a small amount when compared to the overall need, the annual ride also helps keep awareness of these issues in the public mind. One wounded solder said he felt he was only alive because of the support of others. He said support that comes from fundraisers and volunteers is critical.

Some local veteran services and organizations offer a place to veterans to hang out and talk with one another, seek assistance from volunteers or get rides to and from appointments and other events. While this type of support is wonderful, veterans sometimes need additional support in the form of medical care or financial assistance.

Understanding your legal rights to benefits as a veteran can help you seek the assistance or support you need. Your service to this country bought and paid for this support already, but it can be difficult to navigate the legal and regulatory nature of the VA. Seeking experienced legal help with this might be a way to reduce frustrations and increase productivity with benefits.

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