Elder Law Attorneys Helping You Plan For The Future

What does a Texas elder law attorney do?

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2022 | Estate Planning

Just like medical doctors, lawyers often specialize their practices to offer better services to their clients in one particular area. Someone recently arrested by the police will need a criminal law specialist, while those considering divorce will need a family law attorney. These specializations are straightforward and self-explanatory.

Other areas of law may seem confusing to those unfamiliar with them. The idea of an elder law specialist may seem strange to some people, but many adults will eventually need the services of an attorney familiar with this niche area of Texas state statutes.

What does an elder law attorney handle for their clients?

At the most basic level, what an elder law attorney handles are the legal matters that really to people’s aging, retirement and death. Any legal issue that will affect senior citizens falls under the umbrella of elder law. Financial matters, including planning for medical support as one ages, are among the many issues that elder law attorneys help their clients address.

Obviously, estate planning is an important consideration for those close to retirement age. Medicaid planning is another common reason that people solicit the services of an elder law attorney. Others want to protect their assets from creditor claims when they transition to living on a fixed income.

Some people use elder law attorneys to help them draft living documents, like advance directives and powers of attorney. Elder lawyers may also assist in guardianship matters when someone no longer has the capacity to handle their affairs on their own behalf. Although elder law attorneys often work for those thinking about retirement, they can also represent the family members of someone at or past the age of retirement.

Proper planning is key to comfortable golden years

Many adults worry about what the future will hold after they retire. They may worry about their financial circumstances, especially with inflation running rampant. They may also worry about health issues, particularly if conditions like Alzheimer’s disease run in their family.

Sitting down to talk about your resources, your relationship and your retirement and legacy goals with an elder law attorney can help you ensure that you are on the right path for the best retirement experience possible.