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Medicaid Nursing Home List

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For over a decade, Wright Abshire has published a list of all Medicaid certified nursing homes in Harris and surrounding counties to support families searching for a facility to suit their unique situation. Included on this list are Medicaid facilities accepting children, as well as those accepting ventilator care patients.

Choosing a nursing home for a loved one is difficult for all who are involved. Many things must be considered, such as location, cost, room availability, appropriateness and quality of care for the individual moving in. Another important consideration is whether or not the facility is certified to accept Medicaid. This is significant when an individual or a married couple is in the process of Medicaid planning or when all of their assets have previously been exhausted.

Our new interactive map features the ability to connect to the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services’ Long Term Care Reporting System (QRS) and its report for each of the listed nursing facilities and details of each cited deficiency. To do this, click on the Website link under the facility’s address. You will be directed to the QRS page for that particular facility.

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Medicaid Nursing Homes List*

Certified Medicaid Nursing Facilities Accepting Ventilator Dependent Patients

Certified Medicaid Nursing Facilities Accepting Children

A Medicaid applicant must be in a Medicaid certified bed for at least 30 days before an application for Medicaid eligibility may be submitted on his or her behalf. If you are unsure of what steps to take to attain Medicaid eligibility or if your loved one has countable assets preventing access to Medicaid benefits, contact our award winning elder law firm for answers.

* Nothing contained in this publication should be considered as the rendering of legal advice to any person’s specific case, but should be considered general information.