Elder Law Attorneys Helping You Plan For The Future

Elder Law Attorneys Protecting Individuals With Dementia

If your loved one has Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or another form of dementia, naturally you may feel at a loss seeing the person you adore trapped in his or her mind. Not that long ago you may have turned to your parent or grandparent for advice and now the tables have turned.

Offering a Hands-On Approach for Families Dealing With Dementia

You are probably needed more than ever to help ensure your loved one’s best interests are protected. This can be an overwhelming time for family members suddenly thrust into making decisions they never imagined dealing with until now. You don’t have to face this time of change alone.

At Wright Abshire in Texas, we have deep legal roots helping families put the right safeguards in place to protect loved ones dealing with dementia. We can help you move past this time of uncertainty by drafting a will, establishing a power of attorney and putting other life-care planning measures in place to protect your loved one’s best interests. Contact our Houston elder law attorneys to learn how we can help you protect your loved one’s well-being, while keeping him or her as independent as possible.

Identifying Legal Measures in Favor of Your Loved One’s Interests

Dementia is a progressive disease affecting individuals differently depending on the stage of the illness. At Wright Abshire, we do not offer cookie-cutter solutions. We understand that the challenges your loved one is facing may be far different from someone else suffering with dementia. Our elder law attorneys take the time to understand how dementia has put our clients or their loved ones at risk. We offer a hands-on approach so we can recommend elder law services that make sense depending on the stage of your loved one’s illness.

If your loved one is dealing with the beginning stages of dementia, he or she is probably competent to make decisions in his or her best interests. Dementia progresses at different rates for individuals, so it’s nearly impossible to know when the illness may threaten your loved one’s ability to make sound decisions. We recommend not taking any chances and planning ahead to avoid your loved one being at risk.

Our legal team has extensive experience helping clients establish durable powers of attorney. This document allows an individual to name an agent or attorney in fact (someone he or she trusts) to make legal, financial and health care-related decisions on his or her behalf. If your loved one is no longer has the mental capacity to name someone he or she trusts, you may need to consider establishing a legal guardianship.

Contact Wright Abshire to Put the Right Safeguards in Place

If your loved one is dealing with dementia, you likely feel overwhelmed trying to deal with all of the changes. Everything about your loved one’s daily routine may cause you to worry. These concerns, unfortunately, could multiply as the condition progresses. We understand what you are going through and will work with you to find solutions for your particular situation. Contact our Houston lawyers to schedule a consultation in Bellaire, and Carmine, Texas.