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Special Needs Trust Attorneys

Caring for loved ones who cannot care for themselves can be a challenging but rewarding prospect for any family. When you have the opportunity to provide for elderly parents, disabled children or other special needs family members, you need experienced legal guidance to help your loved ones maximize the value of their financial commitment.

At Wright Abshire, we focus solely on estate planning and elder law issues. We represent many clients in Texas and throughout the country who have loved ones in the state whom they wish to provide for. We can help you develop and ensure proper administration of special needs trusts.

Why Set Up a Special Needs Trust?

Special needs trusts are an essential tool to consider when you are planning to financially support a disabled family member who is currently receiving any type of government benefits. Without a special needs trust in place, the financial assistance that your loved one receives could be considered income that may affect his or her eligibility for Social Security, Medicaid and other important programs.

By establishing a special needs trust, you can ensure that your elderly parents, disabled children or other loved one continues to receive government support. The trust funds can be used to supplement these benefits and cover the costs of:

  • Transportation
  • Supplemental therapy
  • Education
  • Incidentals, including food, clothing and entertainment

How Can an Experienced Special Needs Planning Lawyer Help Me Plan?

The Houston special needs trust lawyers of Wright Abshire counsel our clients regarding the type of assistance they wish to provide and who they want to administer the trust. We then draft and execute a trust that will implement their goals.

We also counsel trustees (those responsible for carrying out the trust) to ensure that they are administering the trust properly and keeping accurate records of financial transactions. We provide guidance to all parties who have a stake in ensuring that a loved one with special needs is properly cared for.

Arrange a Consultation to Learn How to Assist Loved Ones Using a Special Needs Trust

If you have elderly parents on Medicaid, special needs children or other loved ones you want to financially provide for, our experienced attorneys will help you use a special needs trust so that you can help them. Send our firm an email or call us at 713-234-1940 to schedule a consultation. We have offices in Bellaire and Carmine, and we can make house or hospital visits whenever necessary.