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A document expressing how you wish your property to be distributed upon your death is called a Last Will and Testament. A typical disposition of a moderately sized estate can usually be handled with a simple will. Even a person with a small estate can benefit greatly from having a will.

Beyond just naming beneficiaries, this document provides for executors and alternates, and also may provide for guardians of minors, tax planning, testamentary trusts and trustees. Every adult who owns property should have this instrument.

Complex Wills

If you need tax planning, or if you have particular needs or circumstances to be addressed, we can draft a will that is right for you, including, as appropriate, bypass trusts, disclaimer trusts, contingent trusts and special needs trusts. Additionally, your estate, if large enough may justify the need for family limited partnerships, life insurance trusts or a regular gifting plan to take advantage of the annual gift tax exclusion.

Ethical Wills

The Ethical Will is a document that some people utilize in order to leave information to their family as to their values, who they were as a person and often historical information that would otherwise be lost. This is a more formal way of leaving family history behind as opposed to information sometimes left in family Bibles. Obviously, this document does not carry the same legal importance as the other instruments. You will need to decide how important it would be to you to preserve this information. There are many inexpensive forms available on the Internet if you wish to create this document on your own.

Regardless of which documents you may want or need it is important to consider obtaining them before you become incapacitated because then you would no longer have the ability to execute them.

Certified Elder Law Attorneys

Our attorneys are uniquely qualified to provide legal advice and representation in all legal matters relating to Estate Planning, wills and trusts. Wesley E. Wright and Molly Dear Abshire are Certified Elder Law Attorneys (CELAs) by the National Elder Law Foundation. Mr. Wright and Ms. Abshire are also Board Certified in Estate Planning and Probate by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Also, Mr. Wright is a member of the Special Needs Alliance (SNA), an invitation-only national organization committed to helping people who have family members with special needs. Ms. Abshire is a Fellow of The American College of Trust and Estate Counsel, a professional association consisting of approximately 2,700 lawyers throughout the United States.


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