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Special Needs Estate Planning Lawyers

Individuals who want to financially support family members with special needs — disabled children, for example, or elderly parents — have legal tools at their disposal to help them accomplish this important goal.

With proper legal assistance, families can have the security and peace of mind that financial assistance will not jeopardize eligibility for government benefits. Special needs financial planning can also mitigate the effects that unexpected events, such as a sudden death, have on those who rely on outside assistance to meet basic life requirements.

At Wright Abshire, our legal team handles only estate planning and other elder law matters. Our firm is committed to helping Texas families navigate delicate and complicated issues concerning planning for those who need special assistance.

Houston Special Needs Estate Plan Attorneys

When considering financial support for a family member with special needs, it is important to take several factors into consideration. These include:

  • Does my family member currently receive government benefits? If you have a disabled child or parent who is currently entitled to government benefits like Medicaid, outside financial assistance could jeopardize his or her eligibility for those programs. Setting up a special needs trust can resolve potential issues.
  • What type of support do I want to provide? Individuals can support family members in a number of ways. They can provide money to pay for housing, food, clothing, additional medical care or other necessities that arise.
  • Who do I want to supervise the help I am providing? Individuals setting up a special needs trust will have to designate a trustee to manage trust funds. This can be an independent trustee with considerable financial experience or another family member who is close to the one receiving assistance. We counsel trustees to ensure that trusts are administered properly.

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